How 2022 shocked rocked thumbnail.jpg

How 2022 shocked, rocked and rolled global markets..

Trillions of dollars wiped off world stocks, bond market tantrums, whip-sawing currency and commodities and the collapse of a few crypto empires - 2022 has been perhaps the most turbulent year investors have ever seen, and for good reaso .. read more

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What is in store for emerging Asian economies in 2023?..

Many economies in the region could be in for a bumpy ride next year, but some may also be set to benefit as companies diversify investments from the Chinese market. South and Southeast Asian economies have had a challenging 202 .. read more

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Covid forcing brands and value added companies to close oper..

The Coronavirus sweeping across China is causing widespread business disruption as staffing shortages threaten to close down factory production lines and truck drivers fall ill, bringing chaos to supply chains. The Omicron variant of the .. read more

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Pakistani textile sector remains in the hot waters for the 3..

Pakistan is known for its Textile businesses. Be that as it may, as of late the business is under immense tension because of the financial circumstances and expansion in the country. The rising energy costs, absence of government backing .. read more

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How Pakistan is playing a big part in the 2022 FIFA World Cu..

Nearly 70% of the world's soccer balls are made in Sialkot, Pakistan. Factories there produced balls for the 2022 World Cup and sold replicas to fans. Here's how workers put together a soccer ball from start to finish. .. read more

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Robots set their sights on a new job: sewing blue jeans..

Will a robot ever make your blue jeans? There is a quiet effort underway to find out — involving clothing and technology companies, including Germany’s Siemens AG (SIEGn.DE) and Levi Strau .. read more


The Worldwide Intimate Apparel Market size is supposed to re..

The Worldwide Intimate Apparel Market size is supposed to reach at USD 98 billion by 2030. The Worldwide Intimate Apparel Market size which was around USD 80 billion out of 2021 is supposed to arrive at USD 98 billion by 2030, developing .. read more