TextileGenesis targets footwear and leather traceability

A leader in textile traceability solutions, TextileGenesis is launching two new consortia dedicated to improving transparency in the footwear and leather industries. 

According to Amit Gautam, Founder and CEO of TextileGenesis, both of these industries have intricate and distributed supply chains that are under increasing pressure to adopt morally and sustainably. For this reason, strong traceability is essential.

TextileGenesis provides manufacturers and brands with a safe, digital platform for sustainable textile traceability and has a track record in the fashion industry. 

Their innovative approach ensures provenance and validity through the use of digital tokens and a network of partners.

Building on this achievement, the new consortia hope to encourage information sharing by tracking all materials, footwear, and leather producers, increase customer confidence via transparency, and create positive change through collaboration to help brands to meet their sustainability obligations.

TextileGenesis has brought together significant partners like as Lenzing, Coats, and Fashion for Good, as well as prominent fashion brands, to form these two consortia.