Explore the Futuristic Underwater Realm: Siyun Huangs Collection of Kinetic Fashion

Siyun Huang's atelier for avant-garde fashion art specializes in creating interdisciplinary and inclusive masterpieces. Established in 2022, the studio employs unconventional materials such as metal, acrylic, and digital media, coupled with cutting-edge technologies like 3D modeling, human-computer interaction, kinetic fashion, mechanical structures, and groundbreaking craftsmanship. Siyun's fashion art pieces draw inspiration from the intricate interplay between humanity, nature, technology, and art.

These designs exhibit a bio-inspired, futuristic, and surrealistic aesthetic, embodying a unique avant-garde fusion. Noteworthy are Siyun's prior works, including a digital fashion film showcased at China Fashion Week and a digital fashion design series for online platforms, both garnering public acclaim.

Siyun's fashion
Siyun's fashion

In the current season, Siyun Huang unveils two sets of Kinetic Fashion characterized by perceptibility, responsiveness, and morphability. These garments, crafted from acrylic and gradient blue organza, sculpt shapes reminiscent of marine life and the gentle undulations of ocean waves. The tailoring of the outfits mirrors the beauty and lifelike qualities observed in marine inhabitants.

Presented in an environment simulating underwater lighting and water, the Kinetic Fashion pieces offer an immersive journey into an undersea wonderland. The Autumn/Winter Collection, titled "Kinetic Ode to Underwater Wonderland," draws inspiration from Jason deCaire Taylor's Underwater Museum, deep ecology, ecological relationships, and cyborg philosophy.

Siyun's fashion
Siyun's fashion

It reflects a contemplation of the contemporary ecological crisis, employing innovative materials and techniques to replicate the fluidity and motion of ocean life.

Shape-shifting elements within the apparel convey the dynamism and allure of the underwater realm.

Embedded with sensors, the two kinetic fashion pieces interact with their surroundings. The short outfit, composed of flickering blue acrylic, adjusts its movement speed in response to changing light levels. The organza cape, on the other hand, contracts its edges to reveal pleats when the wearer's brainwaves exhibit activity.

Siyun Huang captures the essence of oceanic life, from the undulating tendrils of marine creatures to the intricate patterns mirroring the ever-changing shapes of ocean currents. These thought-provoking kinetic ensembles engage wearers and viewers alike, challenging conventional perceptions of fashion.

Beyond aesthetics, these designs aim to instill a profound appreciation and comprehension of the denizens of our oceans, emphasizing the imperative to safeguard their natural habitats.

Siyun Huang's objective is to create designs that are not only visually captivating but also intellectually stimulating, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the preservation of our oceans and the diverse life forms they harbor.

Siyun's fashion

Support for the "Kinetic Ode to Underwater Wonderland" Collection comes from esteemed entities, including the International Fashion Art Network, the Fashion Art Research Center of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beyond Fashion (Beijing) Art Development CO., LTD, and OUTPUT.