Indian Textile Association is set to host a sustainability event in Jan 2024

The international conference themed "Sustainability and Circularity: The New Challenges for The Textile Value Chain" will take place on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, at The Lalit hotel in Mumbai, according to a statement released by the Mumbai unit of the Textile Association (India).

This international conference is being organised by the Mumbai unit of the Textile Association (India) in an attempt to assess the new circular sustainable model being evaluated by the Indian textile community, which includes designers and fashion schools. The majority of the themes have been thoroughly covered by the association. 

The conference will feature a galaxy of speakers who will simplify and illustrate this difficult subject. This conference will be extremely beneficial to the delegates that attend. It will assist them in communicating that sustainability and circularity are no longer a choice but a requirement, according to a news statement from the association.

The Mumbai unit is the largest in the association, with over 4000 members. The unit has a reputation for organizing events of national and global importance.

The key topics of discussion will be the issues and solutions associated with circularity, as they relate to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The use of recycled materials, fibers, and processing processes, as well as the investigation of biobased products, will be prioritized.

Innovations in processing processes, as well as advances in chemical molecular recycling, will be a primary focus. The conference will also look into the development of novel natural colorants, emphasizing the need of supply chain traceability and transparency. Finally, the importance of digitization in improving sustainability practices will be discussed.

Policy makers, respected textile industry professionals, and well-known technology specialists from India and other countries will all be speaking at this conference. 

There will be 400 esteemed attendees at this prestigious conference who will have the unique chance to hear from such esteemed professionals.