Muslim fashion a new attraction for fashion brands

Many brands are now designing dresses combining fashion conforming to the dress code of Muslim women. Until recently the local designers in Muslim countries catered to the needs of fair gender but now global brands have realized the value of this market.

Local Muslim designers always adhered to sustainable and recycled designs as it is a part of the Islamic value system. In Islam religion you can’t waste and be a good, practicing Muslim. Muslims appreciate processes that are waste-free or low. By faith, they do not want any negative impact on humanity. Global brands are now trying their luck with Muslim fashion in rich Middle East countries.

Muslim fashion is based on the faith that asks a woman to cover her arms, cover her legs, don’t show her midriff, no low neck, no low back, they don’t show inappropriately, and also don’t let it be tight and of course, see through fabric.

Dressing for a lifetime, is Islamic fashion and it’s not a trend, even in summer and winter Muslim women should cover and dress as a whole body, it’s not happening this season and gone next season. They’ve done it for a higher purpose. They’ve done it because they are living by the values that were mandated upon them, are instilled upon them by God, and so that is a serious business and they take it seriously and it’s a lifelong commitment.

Customers are not doing it as a passing fancy. So if they find brands that they like, they will become a loyal consumer to it and vice versa. The brands that are catering to this audience understand and respect the views and the faith-based values and this is what’s driving them to develop the amazing offerings that they’re developing.

Combining religion and fashion in Muslim women’s clothes has never been a problem. If it says a short-sleeved tunic the Muslim woman would put something underneath it as a layer and dress herself up and put a shawl around her. It would be a long sleeve layer underneath. So she always manages to be stylish whilst fitting within the guidelines. There is a lot that can be said about the Islamic sense of style, people in the modest fashion space, and consumers that are here for faith-based reasons. They do it because they appreciate beauty whilst they want to please their creator and they want to live by their faith-based values.