India, Bangladesh discuss preparations to start talks for fr..

An official statement on October 1 said that India and Bangladesh had talked about getting ready to start talks for a free trade deal that would help their economies. A meeting of the Joint Working Group on Trade (JWG) between In .. read more


25th Textile Asia International Trade Fair 13th To 15th Oct,..

Textile Asia Trade Exhibition is the most promising and enduring biannual Textile Industry Show in Pakistan. The Exhibition aims to focus on the immense buying selling potential of Loom Warping Weaving Machine, Textile Machinery .. read more


Global Cotton Market Update: Production & Consumption Drop..

The global cotton industry is facing significant reductions in both production and consumption according to the 2023-24 outlook of the Cotton: World Markets and Trade report by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Production .. read more


Cinte Techtextil China 19th to 21st September 2023..

Cinte Techtextil China is the ideal trade fair for technical textile and nonwoven products in Asia. As the daughter show of Techtextil in Germany, Cinte Techtextil China covers twelve application areas which comprehensively span the full .. read more


Global inflation to surge as oil price rises towards $100 a ..

Oil prices are on track to reach $100 a barrel this month for the first time in 2023 after surging by almost 30% since June, after Russian and Saudi Arabian production cuts and rising demand from China. Brent crude, the oil price .. read more


Textile Recycling: Techniques and Challenges..

The fashion industry generates vast textile waste, which is often sent to landfills. Textile recycling, while promising, faces challenges like effective fibre separation. Diverse recycling technologies, including chemical and mechanical .. read more


Battling Stagnant Demand for Growth Cotton Market Update..

It means that someone believes the best market for cotton is the futures market delivery mechanism. If delivery against futures is the best market for stocks, then it means the cash market does not want/need cotton. Of significant import .. read more