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Santex Rimers SANTAFRAME to revolutionize textile ..

Switzerland-based Santex Rimer Group is a leading textile company in the area of finishing knitted fabrics made of cotton, cotton blends, and viscose. The company's main objective is to optimize performance while minimizing energy us .. read more


Pakistan Yarn Merchants Association (PYMA) appeals..

KARACHI: Sohail Nisar, Senior Vice Chairman, Pakistan Yarn Merchants Association (PYMA), after the discontinuation of the electricity concession package, while expressing deep concern over the discontinuing the gas concession package for .. read more


Saurer to introduce technology to accomplish circu..

Swiss textile machinery producers, ruling the worldwide material industry for a long time with their designing and capability, have introduced both their new arrangements and their dreams at the pre ITMA public interview.

The m .. read more


US university researchers are creating sustainable..

Researchers have developed a new method to recycle old clothes and create sustainable textiles. The method involves chemically breaking down old clothing and reusing the polyester compounds to create functional coatings that can be appli .. read more


Shah Rukh Khans son Aryan Khan launches his first..

Aryan Khan, son of popular Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, has launched his luxury clothing line, D'Yavol. The company, which releases a limited amount of each model, released its first collection on April 30, 2022. D'Yavol's .. read more


Google launches Apps Growth Lab in Pakistan to sup..

Mobile market continues to record strong apps growth with 3.52 billion downloads in 2022

Islamabad: Google has reported the launch of its first 'Applications Development Lab' in Pakistan, pointed toward aiding neighborh .. read more


Costlier cotton prompted the Indian textile indust..


- Textile industries in Gujarat, India are turning to cheaper fibers like viscose and polyester because 
  of the high cost of cotton.

- This shift is due to seasonal changes and .. read more