New international land-sea corridor to boost trade with ASEAN

The Ministry of Transport has determined to line up a special workplace to supervise the operation of the New International Land-Sea Trade passageway, a serious trade channel between western Chinese provinces and Association of Southeast Asian Nations countries, in keeping with the ministry's official web site on Wednesday. It is expected that the growth of cross-border transport routes can deeply connect the markets, resources and industries of states and regions on the routes and build development opportunities for China and Association of Southeast Asian Nations countries, consultants aforesaid. The Ministry of Transport aforesaid its listed the work to market the development of a comprehensive transit for the trade passageway as a key task to serve the development of a replacement development pattern, and it's told member units to strengthen coordination, provide full play to the individual benefits of the central and native governments, and ceaselessly promote the high-quality development of the western land-sea passageway. The New International Land-Sea Trade passageway could be a trade and supply passage put together engineered by Association of Southeast Asian Nations countries and provincial-level regions of western China. Southwest China's Chungking municipality is that the center of operations for the passageway, in keeping with the Xinhua news organization. Among the key tasks this year, the Ministry of Transport has stressed increasing the transport capability of the trade passageway, promoting key comes like railways, highways, ports and civil aviation, rushing up the international hub cluster targeted on the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, and raising the amount of opening-up and trans-regional transport cooperation. The special workplace can facilitate coordinate the resources of all provinces and departments to market the high-quality development of the route, give a convenient channel for exports from China's western regions, and expand the opportunities for cooperation among China's huge western regions and Association of Southeast Asian Nations countries, Bai Ming, deputy director of the International marketing research Institute at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation aforesaid. With the assistance of the passageway, fruit, rice, fresh foods and alternative product from Association of Southeast Asian Nations countries may be quickly placed on the shelves of Chinese supermarkets whereas cars, spare elements and alternative product created in western China will enter the Association of Southeast Asian Nations market. Compared with provinces in Japanese China, the event level of trade chains in western China is more compatible with Association of Southeast Asian Nations countries, that has wide potential for cooperation, Bai said. From January to might, the land-sea freight route transported 310,000 normal containers value of product, a notable year-on-year increase of thirty seven.7 percent, in keeping with the China Railway. Separately, another major breakthrough has been created on China's southwest trade route.