Impact of Digital Marketing in Textile & Apparel Industry

Digital marketing provides with the applicable tools to engage with followership, increase brand mindfulness and increase profit for a long-term. Digital marketing can be defined as a form of direct marketing that connects the buyers with the merchandisers digitally through Interactive technologies similar as, emails, websites, social networks, online forum as well as newsgroups, interactive TV, mobile Dispatches etc. 

Digital marketing facilitates mode of communication to promote products and services in a timely, applicable, particular and cost-effective manner. The world of fashion has surfaced due to the preface of Digital selling together with branding and further and further use of technology bedded with the most recent fashion trends. 

It helps brand to understand where guests want to see their brand that is vacuity of brands on different digital platform. If client feels more connected with brand also they incontinently make decision to buy the product or services and these is possible due to digital marketing. It is all about commerce erecting a particular touch and not just about deals.

Impacts of Digital Marketing on Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is witnessing numerous further changes as there is further and further technology is getting introduced and it has impact on consumer adaption. Digital metamorphosis is the means by which the process of imprinting fashion products is made easy. The vacuity of big data and analytics can be used by fashion companies strategically to knitter consumer experience and allow the client to lead the way. Currently everything is changing as there is a major change taken place when the traditional system of purchase is shifting to digital one. The fashion assiduity is also impacted by the preface of Digital Marketing because of the part of visual content and fast-changing methodologies that are impacting day by day.

Digital marketing is helping people to get acquainted with the rearmost trends fluently and keep eye on it. Moment, leading fashion business is inferring a lot of profit from digital marketing tools. So then are some digital marketing tactics being used in the fashion assiduity. The lockdown has accelerated the relinquishment of online purchasing practices. 

According to the rearmost check there are large numbers of people who are getting habitual of copping clothes, accessories through digital operations that are available on different platforms. Until February 2020, 27 million Italians laboriously used e-commerce; moment there are 29 million. In 2019, from January to May, there were 700,000 new digital consumers in the first five months of 2020, this number nearly tripled. 

Web commerce, again according to Netcom, will continue to grow in the coming months, establishing itself as an exceptional motorist in the environment of the world frugality, with an estimated increase of 55. Allocating a more substantial part of the budget for the marketing of digital channels can be a winning tactics that would support associations in achieving a series of pretensions that they ask to including a completely multi-channel vision of e-commerce, further prompt and careful operation of client relations through social media. In such a complex period like the bone we are presently passing, digital marketing offers a series of possibilities linked to tools, ways, and methodologies that companies can use to increase their reactivity, adaptability, and proactivity.

The digital marketing has changed the social trends, which directly relate with the consumer behavior. When it comes in the fashion assiduity, consumers are enjoying the digital mode since they are getting better experience. In current world, consumers are drinking new experience of products and services with good quality features. Fashion suckers had always conscious about fashion propaganda from once time. The first fashion website– introduced in 1990. 

After that WGSN, Net-a-Porter, are came in digital fashion world. Moment we can find large number of tools to deal with. Developer, Retailers and Marketers are used numerous digital modes and channels for marketing purpose at public and global position. India is a fast growing emerging Asian market. This shows that their increases the opportunity of projection for the e-commerce industry.

Fashion industry broadly classified into four major sections – Apparel, Footwear, Cosmetics and Accessories – where apparel section always in highest demand. So, it is clearly showing that consumers first go online shopping for fashion products. Digital marketing easily finds out fashion lovers in all over world through advance technologies. Because digital technology provides variety of media presentations such as text, voice, images, videos, graphs, display etc. 

which construct deep impression on the fashion consumers. So, in present scenario, designer, fashion companies, retailer and marketers are adopting many digital channels for build-up long relationship with consumers. The fast fashion leader Spanish company ZARA always worked on this approach “what they want and when they want” and according this they make marketing strategy. Flexible supply chain and technology-driven approach gives great business results. Fast fashion means fast fashion marketing and in this direction.

Best Ways to Use Digital Marketing in Fashion Industry to Boost Sales

A. Retarget your Audience with Facebook Ads: It means that people has watched the ads and thought of buying the product but they can not totally rely on adds or websites So retargeting users to  so that they will buy the product and it  can be done by creating Custom Audiences with Facebook and target Lookalike Audiences to increase the reach.

B. Run Promotions during Holidays to Boost Sales: In India people buy dresses accessories when there are special functions, festivals around. So it may be possible to gain large numbers of consumer by providing discounts on it using the digital mode. You need to provide value to your subscribers for them to share their email discounts with their circle.

C. Style Guides to Help your Users: People love doing experiments and if they are getting style guides then it become easy for them to understand how to wear clothes how to carry things how to improve their style knowledge and be with the trend followed in the market. Series of style guides can help customer to develop their interest.

D. Giveaways on Instagram Increases Brand Awareness & Community: If any bricks and mortar (physical stores) are having special product which has a demand then they can use Instagram to reach the customers can increase their followers can interact more with people and they can boost their sales through Instagram and can use special hashtag that define their product in more impressive manner.

E. Work with Influencers to Access New Audience: This is one of technique where in one can reach their targeted customer with the help of influencer since they have a large number of followers and deal with large number of community. They can influence people to buy the products through their skills and it can be beneficial for any product to get more demand.


With the introduction of new digital marketing channels, the fashion industry is now undergoing revolutions; people are getting more updated with the recent fashion. People now can get closer to latest trends and can get acquainted with latest updates easily and quickly. They can buy as and when required sitting at one place they can get what they desire to. Thus digital marketing is helping to boost fashion industry incredibly.