China Textile Exports Surge in September 2023

The China Chamber of Commerce reported that in September, the export volumes of four major categories of textile products—yarn, fabrics, home textiles, and knitted garments—grew by 36.4 percent, 4.4 percent, 26.2 percent, and 8.7 percent, accordingly, compared to September 2022.

All of these products saw price declines when compared to the same period last year, with yarn reporting the largest loss at 20.4%, fabrics declining 8.7%, and home textiles declining 6.1%.

Due to the low base that caused textile product exports to decline in September of previous year, the export volume of important exporting provinces like Shandong, Anhui, and Zhejiang has increased annually. 

For the second consecutive month, Zhejiang had growth of 3.1 percent, Shandong increased at a rate of 2 percent, and Anhui broke the downward trend with growth of 0.3 percent. With the exception of Guangdong, the decline increased to 13.9 percent in other provinces. But in other large provinces, the decline narrowed.