Turkey stands out as the top importer of knitting machine imports

The global knitting machine sector is in the midst of phenomenal expansion, and nations all over the world are working hard to supply the rising demand for textiles and clothing.

According to a research that was made public by IndexBox in 2022, Turkey established themselves as the unchallenged leader in the importation of knitting machines, with an astounding import value of US $ 105.7 million.

The achievement can be ascribed to the thriving textile and garment sector in the country, which relies largely on innovative knitting technology. As a result, this industry has helped the country attain this success.

Additionally, India is making substantial headway in the global market for the import of knitting machines, which is expected to reach a total value of US $80.6 million in 2022. Both strong domestic consumption and solid exports are driving up the demand for knitting machines in India, which positions the country as a rising centre for the textile sector.

Italia bought 66.8 million euros worth of knitting machines in 2022. Bangladesh, on the other hand, made moves in the world market for knitting machines by buying 66.2 million euros worth of them in 2022. The nation clothing industry is growing all the time, and it needs knitting technology to keep up with the rising demand for knitted fabrics both in the US and around the world.

China, the world largest textile manufacturer, was a major knitting machine importer in 2022, importing US$ 64 million.

In 2022, Vietnam imported $36.6 million in knitting machines, a high rise in imports. Knitted fabric exports have fuelled the textile and apparel industry rapid growth.