India Birla Cellulose launches eco-friendly Circular Yarn Blend

The Aditya Birla Group Birla Cellulose business, which is in charge of pulp and fibers, has announced the release of its innovative new circular fiber blend. The division is a well-known producer that focuses on Man-Made Cellulosic Fibres (MMCF) that are good for the earth. The new, unique blend increases the amount of mechanically recycled fiber by a large amount, to 50%. It keeps the high-strength yarn, which makes it perfect for making fabrics and clothes in a wide range of categories.

Many environmental groups have given the Circular Yarn Blend high marks for sustainability. It has been recognized by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) for Pre-& Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) materials, the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS), FSC certification, and High Index certification. It also uses blockchain technology, which makes it possible to fully track the yarn blend. This also makes sure that everyone in the supply line is honest and responsible. 

Aditya Birla Group said in a news release that the mechanical recycling process used to turn PCW waste into fiber is the most energy-efficient way to make yarn that does not use any chemicals.

This new Circular Yarn Blend product from Birla Cellulose solves a number of environmental problems in the textile business. By reusing mechanically, the process uses the least amount of energy possible, which makes it very energy efficient. It is also good for the environment, and this method has the lowest greenhouse gas pollution, which means they leave behind a lot less carbon. In addition, the process makes sure that very little water is used throughout its entire life.

One more benefit for the environment is that recycled dope-dyed/mélange yarn does not need any extra dyes or colors for in-situ coloring, which makes it even better for the environment. This all-encompassing method shows that Birla Cellulose is dedicated to environmentally friendly and long-lasting textile production.

Birla Cellulose takes great pride in introducing an innovative approach to recycle mechanical textile waste, utilising cutting-edge technology for both pre- and post-consumer textile waste. As a team, we are deeply committed to fulfilling our social responsibility by addressing critical issues, minimising water consumption, reducing energy usage, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and embracing eco-friendly practices. Our goal is to create a sustainable environment, fostering eco-friendly practices. We are confident that this initiative will encourage the textile industry to adopt more sustainable options, meeting consumer demand while upholding the highest quality standards and sustainable practices, said ManMohan Singh, chief marketing officer of Birla Cellulose.

Birla Cellulose recycles mechanical textile waste by using cutting edge technology to recycle textile waste from before and after it was used. The recycled fiber that is made is carefully mixed with Birla own cellulosic fibers, such as VSF, Birla Modal, Excel, Reviva, and Dope Dyed, in a special way. The news release also said that this new recipe makes a yarn blend that has 50% pre- or post-consumer waste (mechanically recycled) fiber and 50% proprietary cellulosic fiber.