Pak-Russia pledge to strengthen bilateral economic ties

Russian Ambassador to Pakistan Danila V. Ganich called on the Minister of Commerce Gohar Ejaz at the Commerce Ministry today.

The two countries efforts to strengthen their economic ties to one another through increased bilateral commerce was the primary topic of conversation at the meeting.

During the discussion, both parties reaffirmed their dedication to working together more closely in order to expand their bilateral commerce. The mutual desire to strengthen the longstanding friendship and economic collaboration between Pakistan and Russia is reflected in this pledge.

Pakistan and Russia combined trade volume in fiscal year 2022/23 was $920 million. During this time period, Pakistan exported $74 million to Russia and imported $846 million from Russia.

Pakistan is a supplier of a wide variety of goods to Russia, including citrus fruit, leather clothes, ready-made garments, potatoes, home textiles, woven cotton fabrics, surgical and medical apparatus, woven fabric of synthetic staple fiber, and salt, to name just a few of the items in this category.